Spider Web

Spider Web

Catch some yummy bugs with your spiderweb and avoid flying bees
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Catch some yummy bugs with your spiderweb and avoid flying bees in this extremely infantile collecting game. When you move the spider and divide the screen into two parts, a web will be formed in the smaller part and the bees in it will be caught. Easy to install and easy to playSpider Web is another flash game freely distributed by Novel Games. It has an original gameplay that may entertain for a couple of minutes, but not more than that. The objective is to catch little bees that fly around the grid, by weaving a spider web around them. Using the arrows of the keyboard, you need to move and draw lines creating an area to capture these restless bees. This is quite tricky, though, because as you draw the spider web, the bees will keep flying and moving all around; and you lose a life if they touch an unfinished portion of your web. So you will need to calculate the right moment and the exact place to draw the web, and you only have three lives to achieve it. As you advance, the number of bees increases, and they even move faster, making the gameplay even more difficult. Besides, there is a timer that controls how long it takes you to catch the bees, so if you do it fast, you can get a good time bonus that will help you increase your final score. The game has nice graphics and offers several levels to play. However, the gameplay itself and the game concept are not very interesting.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Free
  • Nice graphics


  • Rather boring
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